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Consulting Services

Christopher is passionate about sharing his valuable and vast knowledge to help educate and equip seasoned Estate Managers and even those who are aspiring to enter the Estate industry. He can assist you in how to become an Estate Manager, show you how to enhance your estate management skills, or even how to start up your own Estate Management business. 

His expertise and experience come with managing over 20 properties, valued at over $300 million dollars in the South Florida region. With these great responsibilities, he has cultivated a program to teach you how to be extremely productive, effectively delegate tasks, and know when to anticipate and meet clients' needs.  

These are some of the topics he covers in his consulting services. 

Estate Protocols and Procedures

Every estate requires succinct protocols and procedures to address things such as regular house maintenance, meticulous landscape care, vehicles, vendors, emergency response plans, and much more.


Staff Oversight and Training

Creating a positive and professional environment and offering excellent training for staff is essential in running an exceptional estate.


Moving or Downsizing Client/Estate

Moving requires a massive amount of strategic planning and forward-thinking. Elaborate oversight and attention to detail are paramount when packing, preparing, and transitioning the estate. 


Managing Multiple Estates 

Managing multiple estates is a unique and multifaceted profession. This level of estate management takes many years of experience and personal development. 

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Let's Work Together

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, I look forward to connecting with you!

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