Christopher M. Milu 

Christopher has the unique experience and understanding of the care needed to serve you and meticulously manage your property. He has worked for and with Politicians, Celebrities, and various other VIPs.  Christopher has the highest respect for every client and can solve your long-term and short-term demands. 

Over the years, Christopher has developed a solid reputation in the Estate Management Industry. He started out as a caretaker and worked his way up to Estate Manager. He attended many events and training seminars to learn more about his field of work. He joined the local DEMA Chapter (Domestic Estate Managers Association) and after a year of attending monthly meetings and conferences, became a board member for two years and then Chapter President. Today, he continues to lead and train other estate managers and even homeowners who are new to having an HNW home. 

Christopher also has a Rolodex full of high-quality and top-tier service providers.  He has unfettered access to these service providers and can have them to your door usually in less than 12 hours regardless of the problem. 

Currently, Christopher manages multiple Estates located in places such as Palm Beach Island, Jupiter Island, and the Treasure Coast. He also offers professional consulting services for other Estate Managers and is often the go-to guy for making connections and solving problems.